Caravan – Do you want it to continue?

Scouting Program for Children – A Nazarene Tradition

Wednesdays, during the school year – 7-8pm – Children’s Wing

Caravan is being threatened with cancellation, unless more adults step forward to be leaders.
Would you like to see this program continue?  Are you, or someone you know, looking for a place to minister in our local church?  Do you have one night open each week?  Are your children enjoying the experience of earning badges?  Would you like to see your child reach the top awards in this fun adventure called Caravan?  Please see Pastor Heather to find out what spots are open for volunteers!
Children, ages preschool through 6th grade, are invited to our Nazarene scouting program, where they learn Social, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual lessons to earn badges.  There are several special outings and/or events throughout the year.  Families can get involved, too, when the parents lead classes!  We’re always looking for more teachers and assistants.


Pointing kids in the direction of Christ!

Caravan is a weekly scouting program (during the school year) that aids our children in becoming more like Jesus by encouraging their growth in the four specific areas mentioned in Luke 2:52: mental (wisdom), physical (stature), spiritual (favor with God), and social (favor with men). It also helps them develop an appreciation for and an understanding of Nazarene heritage and beliefs. We use an active, hands-on learning approach to aid children in becoming better Christians. Each skill or lesson learned is rewarded with badges to be displayed upon each child’s formal uniform. To encourage participation, children earn points through a variety of activities each week:

Attendance, Reading missionary books, Bringing a friend, Books of Bible memorization, Bringing their Bible, Bible verse memorization, Wearing uniform, Good behavior, Bringing dues (50 cents weekly)

As points are accumulated, the children can use them towards prizes each month.

Caravan takes place on Wednesdays from September through May, beginning at 7:00pm. (Check-in begins at 6:45pm.) Children will be picked up and released to their parents at 8:00pm.

As one of our Mission Projects, we sponsor a child in Uganda with our weekly dues of 50 cents. We are helping to provide school supplies, food, and clothes for Sylvia. We correspond with Sylvia, sharing how important God is in our lives. We encourage you and your child to pray for Sylvia at home.

If you have any questions about Caravan, please contact the co-directors Jason Monette and Pastor Heather Wells.

Meet the Guides:

Bee Buddies (ages 2-3) – Guide Ken Wells, Assistant Jen Dustin
Benson’s Buddies (ages 4-5) – Guide Jo Doran, Assistant Deb Gearhart
Searchers (grades 1-2) & Explorers (grades 3-4) – Guide Pastor Heather Wells, Assistant Kari Monette
Adventurers (grades 5-6) – Guide Tammy Beatty, Assistant Tracy Beatty

Field Trips:
Hands-on learning includes getting out and doing! We love to take our classes outside the walls of the church whenever possible. We encourage Benson’s Buddies and Bee Buddies to attend, but they are required to bring a parent or guardian on all field trips. Some of our field trips include missions opportunities, such as going to the Lamb House (a mission outreach). Specific dates for these trips are in the process of being scheduled.

Caravan Sunday:
Caravan Sunday is an international event that takes place on the 3rd Sunday in October. On this special day, our children participate in the morning worship service. The children need to wear their formal uniform (blue pants/skirt… no jeans, please… white shirt and the appropriate age-level vest, scarf, or sash). After the service, all Caravan families are encouraged to stay for a dish-to-pass luncheon in the Carpenter’s Cafe. Families are asked to bring a main dish and a side dish to share. Dessert is provided.

The theme for this year’s Nazarene Caravan Program is as follows:

Theme – Learning from His example, Living as His Disciples

Focus – In His actions toward His disciples, Christ taught them how a disciple should live. As His disciples, the children in each Caravan ministry are to also learn from His example. Caravan is a ministry designed to help young Christians grow as Jesus’ disciples. No greater lesson is taught through Caravan than learning from and embracing the example that Jesus Christ and His disciples have faithfully given to young Christians. But more than simply learning from the example that Christ and His disciples have given to us, children are to also strive to live out this example. The lessons, themes, and truths the children learn through Caravan must also become a part of their daily Christian lives.

Scripture Focus – John 13:12-17 NIRV

Key Memory Verse – John 13:15 – “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”

We will be reinforcing this theme all throughout the Caravan year and putting it into practice!

Caravan will begin each Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. Children will not be checked in until 6:45pm. Children will need to remain with a parent until 6:40pm. This is to give the guides time to get their rooms and lessons ready and to assure proper supervision of the children. Caravan will conclude at 8:00pm. Children will need to be picked up by a parent from the large Children’s Church room.

Please look at our TCN calendar for upcoming Caravan events! Just to give you a heads-up, we will be participating in “Operation Christmas Child” again this year. More information will be coming out soon about this exciting missions opportunity that the children loved being a part of last year!

Thank you all for allowing your child to be part of Caravan! We pray that this year will be a great time of learning and growing in Christ for your child! If you have any questions about our Caravan program throughout the year, please feel free to contact Jason Monette or Pastor Heather Wells. We are looking forward to an awesome Caravan year!

In His Service,
Jason Monette and Pastor Heather Wells