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Seeing from within an Oppressive Society

by Gusztinné Tulipán Mária
Read “Eyewitness”

Listen to “Eyewitness”

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-9

Chapters 10-14


Living Side by Side

Serving the People of Cactus, Texas

by Jenni Monteblanco
Read “Living Side by Side”

Listen to “Living Side By Side”

Chapters 1-6

Chapters 7-12




Reaching the Unreached of Ethiopia

by Howie Shute
Read “Mursi”

Listen to “Mursi”

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-11




A Library for the World

by Tammy Condon
Read “WHDL”

Listen to “WHDL”

Chapters 1-4

Chapters 5-9




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